Welcome to PoshPolish, simply the poshest, and best, residential home cleaning service in Brisbane. What makes us so posh? It’s not a love of pearls and twin-sets, we can assure you. Instead, it’s the fact that we believe that everyone’s home should be treated like a palace – and every client should be treated like royalty.

IMG_3534PoshPolish’s microfibre cleaning products are clean, green and ever so smart.

We insist upon providing a ‘posh’ service to make things truly spick and span; ‘posh’ staff who understand that the term silver service applies not just to cutlery; and ‘posh’ products that treat both your home and the environment with the utmost respect. So why be satisfied with the common touch? Anyone can be posh with PoshPolish.

I have been a client of Posh Polish for over five years now and intend to be one for the next five, at least. Why? Because their work is of a high standard, they are trustworthy, reliable, flexible and they do what they are asked to do, tailoring their service to your requirements.”
Sue, New Farm

Fancy purchasing some posh products?
Mad for microfibre? Email us here to purchase your very own posh cloths or posh pack. Just tell us what products you’re interested in and we’ll get back to you tout suite! Email to posh purchase now!


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