At PoshPolish we have said ‘toodle-loo’ and‘farewell’ to harsh chemical cleaners forever. Instead, we pride ourselves on providing a clean and green service.


Microfibre is quite simply the most fab product to come along in decades. In fact, Australian hospitals now insist that their cleaning contractors only use Microfibre! But what, I hear you ask, is it?

Microfibre detail.

On the surface, Microfibre appears to be no different to any other common-or-garden cotton cloths. Both have similar thickness and feel, but under a microscope, cotton is seen as rounded in shape, meaning some particles of dust are left behind as they just push dirt and dust around. Microfibre, on the other hand, is a man-made fibre that is wedge shaped which allows the capture of all dust and germs. In fact, it is so small it can pick up bacteria. Extensive studies by manufacturers and hospitals clearly prove the ability of Microfibre cleaning alone to remove up to 99.95% of bacteria (Staph and E-Coli) from surfaces, when used correctly, without the use of any chemicals.
(Hickey, 2008, Executive Housekeeper Vol 12/2).

And whilst conventional cleaning methods can leave a chemical residue, Microfibre leaves no residue at all and provides for a safe and clean environment for you, your family and your PoshPolisher!

I have been using Posh Polish for several years and do not know what I would do without them! I have always found them to be reliable, professional and do a great clean using non toxic products. It is so great to come home and walk into a clean apartment, would highly recommend their services.”
Michele, New Farm 


  • Offers major health benefits
  • Can clean and polish all areas of your home
  • Cost effective
  • Cleans better than traditional methods
  • Works without chemicals
  • Time efficient
  • Can be washed 300 times
  • Huge water savings

“While conversion to microfibre systems can represent significant upfront costs, the return on investment demonstrated by these systems can include reduced use of water as well as a substantial reduction in the number of chemicals – an accomplishment in an era of green cleaning in the healthcare environment.”
MCT magazine, June 2008, Vol 12, No. 6


It is our policy that PoshPolish customers purchase their own Posh Pack on commencement of using our services. Once purchased, it will be yours to keep, and be available for your personal use. The general purpose cloths are simply superb for your last clean of the bench tops at night, and – to be frightfully honest – it makes our job easier if you use it too!

I have been a client of Posh Polish for over five years now and intend to be one for the next five, at least. Why? Because their work is of a high standard, they are trustworthy, reliable, flexible and they do what they are asked to do, tailoring their service to your requirements.”

Sue, New Farm

The pack can be paid for at the time of employing our services and we are more than happy, in the first instance, to let you try before you buy, so we will give your home its first careful treatment with Microfibre using our own pack and let you see for yourself what a terrific job it does.

The Posh Pack – all your marvellous cleaning essentials.

Owning your Posh Pack gives you loads of benefits including: a 1 year warranty on the Pack
(if care instructions are followed)

  • A minimum lifespan of 2 years
  • No cross contamination between homes
  • Personal use of the Pack
  • It’s yours to keep even if you cancel our service
  • Financial savings – on both chemicals and water
  • Peace of mind through doing your bit to help the environment by ditching those dastardly chemical cleaners!
  • And the cost of a Posh Pack certainly won’t break the coffers. You can rest assured that you get the best quality currently on the market. With prices for a full home starting from $50+GST!

* Please note that the packs are tailored to your home’s specifications and therefore are individually priced.


“Our total conversion to using microfibre improved our cleaning processes over night. It has changed the way we clean rooms and common areas. It has been instrumental in helping give us a green approach with the reduction of water and chemical usage. It has delivered a more effective cleaning solution.”
Head of House Keeping, major hotel network




How it works – download some more information on the PoshPolish microfibre products and how they work.